Membership Course

From time to time we run the Membership Course, which is run over two evenings.

When people think about joining a church they often think about ‘membership’ as being something quite static. If I think ‘this is the church for me’ I sign up, get my card or certificate and that’s it, I’m in!! That’s not how we see it here at Lifecentral. For us joining the church is not a static experience, it’s an adventure of discovery.

This Membership Course attempts to help you as you consider whether or not this is the church God wants you to join. We will try to answer questions you have by looking at the 5 core values of who we are. Within this we will look at how the church functions and operates, what activities we run, what ways you can play your part and other questions you might have.

If you are interested in the Membership Course then please visit one of the Connection Points on a Sunday, email or contact her through the church office.

Any courses that we currently have scheduled will be listed below, if there are none listed please contact Sandra for when the next one will be –

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